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"Jade's performance is really something in this film. She shows great promise."

Quote from  Dr. James Rowlins, Festival Director of Brighton Rocks.   'Some Girls Wander' begins its Festival circuit in Brighton. 

'Some Girls Wander' has been awarded best feature film and will be screened on the 12th July. 


Latest news

Some Girls Wander


'Some Girls Wander'  - Jade's first ever feature film, has been awarded 'Best Feature film' at the Brighton Rocks International Film Festival 2019! It will be screened on the 12th July. 



'Sentience' produced and choreographed by Jade Mark has just been performed at Unity Theatre Liverpool, and has a bright future ahead! 

""A wonderful cross platform mix of media, visual and physical expression." (Will Hammond head of acting LIPA) 

Wicked Women


Jade is working with 'Tmesis Theatre' as part of their 2019 training company. They are creating 'Wicked Women' - a celebration of women throughout history. Jade plays the role of Amelia Earhart.

It is being performed as part of Physical Fest 2019 on Saturday 15th June. 

Physical Fest



Jade has just released a short dance duet exploring the boundaries of an unhealthy relationship. Choreography and performance by Jade Mark and Jonny Wise. 

watch boundaries



Jade is currently in production for DANDILICIOUS. A feature film set in 1950s London. She is delighted to be working with APG Films and playing the lead female role of Brenda Dinsdale. 

Sharon Henry Management


Jade is delighted to announce she is now representd by SHARON HENRY MANAGEMENT. 


Originally from Suffolk, (Bury St Edmunds) Jade has just completed her training at the Liverpool Insititute for Performing Arts - BA(Hons) Acting Degree. She is represented by Sharon Henry Management, and is relocating to London over the next few months. 

Jade has recently played lead roles in the full length independent films: 'Dandilicious' directed by Andrew Games and 'Some Girls Wander' directed by Geoff  Woodbridge. As well as producing, choreographing and staring in 'Sentience' - A mulit-media experience assisted by physical theatre. 


Training: LIPA, BA(Hons) Acting.

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.

Height: 5’0” (152cm).

Build:  Slim, Athletic.

Playing Age: 15– 24years.

Nationality: British.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Hair Colour: Brown.

Hair Length: Short - Just above shoulders

Accent: Estuary

Agent: Sharon Henry Management.


Alongside her training Jade has been involved in numerous projects including a national advert for CampusLifeUK and several independent short films.



"Jade is an absolutely incredible actress, who I had the pleasure of directing on my short film. She is a very hard working and committed professional. I know Jade will have no issue getting to where she wants to be and is definitely one to look out for as she has the potential to soar through this industry. I could not recommend her enough and I hope to work with her again in the near future."

Alexandria Doyle, Director - 'Greener Pastures'


"Jade is a not only professional, competent, dedicated and enthusiastic, but is outstanding in her talent with real presence - a pure star."

Geoff Woodbridge, Director - 'Some Girls Wander'


"Working with Jade was an amazing experience, she was an absolute delight and is extremely professional on set. 

When it came to direction, she understood what I wanted from her, Jade was always ready to go and even helped me in directing, suggesting her own ideas and asking questions which not only improved her performance, but also helped the cast and crew with their roles as well. 

Jade stepped up and did not let me down once, she was ready to face any challenges and having that mind set, I know she will go far in this industry. I loved working with Jade and as an actress she has pure and absolute talent.  I hope to work with her again."

Georgia Bond, Director - 'A Life for a Life.


“Jade is the definition of class. She brings such pride to her work, as well as enthusiasm, and energy. Her personality is infectious, as other artists gravitate towards her craft, myself being no exception. What a breath of fresh air. Asset to any production.”

Andrew Games, Director- ‘Dandilicious

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