Film & TV

2019, DEAR GRACE, Grace, Boom Productions, Edge Hill University. 

2019, DANDILICIOUS, Brenda Dinsdale, APG Films LTD. 

2018, SOME GIRLS WANDER, Nicole, Rosewood Publications LTD. 

2018, A LIFE FOR A LIFE, Darcy, Bolton University.

2018, THE DEAL, Jane, Driver Seat Productions. 

2017, GREENER PASTURES, Molly, Alexandria Doyle - MetFilm School

2017, HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS, Student Vlogger, CampusLife UK, Oliver Harrison. 


Spotlight Pin: 5099-7861-1457

Mobile: 07375479210


Height: 5"

Build: Slim/Athletic

Playing Age: 16-24

Agent: Sharon Henry Management


2020, WICKED WOMEN, Amelia Earhart, Tmesis Liverpool Tour, Elinor Randle

2019, WICKED WOMEN, Amelia Earhart, Albert Docks Liverpool, Elinor Randle.

2019, SENTIENCE, Character A, Unity Theatre Liverpool, Tiril Hamre. 

2019, WELCOME TO THEBES, Aglaea & SCUD, LIPA, Gemma Kerr.

2018, SECOND PERSON NARRATIVE, Mum, LIPA, Jonathan Glew. 

2018, BURST THE BUBBLE, Jade, Glitch Theatre & Wives' Tales. 

2018, RED AND BLACK, Grace Hughes & Bouffon Clown, LIPA, SlungLow, Alan Lane. 

2017, OTHELLO, Roderigo, LIPA, Judith McSpadden. 

2017, MYSTERIUM, Soloist, LIPA, Steven C. Buckwald. 


Accents: Standard English*, RP, Cockney, General Northern, Standard American, Welsh, Liverpool. 

Dance: Ballet (intermediate), Contemporary*, Tap (basic) , Modern*, Jazz (intermediate) 

Music: Singing (basic), Musical Theatre - choral singing. 

Other: Multi-Camera Studio, ADR, Physical Theatre*, Choreography* Karate & MMA, Yoga*, Climbing (basic), Free-Running (basic). 

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Spotlight Page

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