Film & TV

2019, DEAR GRACE, Grace, Boom Productions, Edge Hill University. 

2019, DANDILICIOUS, Brenda Dinsdale, APG Films LTD. 

2018, SOME GIRLS WANDER, Nicole, Rosewood Publications LTD. 

2018, A LIFE FOR A LIFE, Darcy, Bolton University.

2018, THE DEAL, Jane, Driver Seat Productions. 

2017, GREENER PASTURES, Molly, Alexandria Doyle - MetFilm School

2017, HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS, Student Vlogger, CampusLife UK, Oliver Harrison. 


Spotlight Pin: 5099-7861-1457

Mobile: 07375479210


Height: 5"

Build: Slim/Athletic

Playing Age: 16-24

Agent: Sharon Henry Management


2019, WICKED WOMEN, Amelia Earhart, Albert Docks Liverpool, Eli Randle.

2019, SENTIENCE, Character A, Unity Theatre Liverpool, Tiril Hamre. 

2019, WELCOME TO THEBES, Aglaea & SCUD, LIPA, Gemma Kerr.

2018, SECOND PERSON NARRATIVE, Mum, LIPA, Jonathan Glew. 

2018, BURST THE BUBBLE, Jade, Glitch Theatre & Wives' Tales. 

2018, RED AND BLACK, Grace Hughes & Bouffon Clown, LIPA, SlungLow, Alan Lane. 

2017, OTHELLO, Roderigo, LIPA, Judith McSpadden. 

2017, MYSTERIUM, Soloist, LIPA, Steven C. Buckwald. 


Accents: Standard English*, RP, Cockney, General Northern, Standard American. 

Dance: Ballet (intermediate), Contemporary*, Tap (basic) , Modern*, Jazz (intermediate) 

Music: Singing (basic), Musical Theatre - choral singing. 

Other: Multi-Camera Studio, ADR, Physical Theatre*, Choreography* Karate & MMA, Yoga*, Climbing (basic), Free-Running (basic). 

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